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As an insurance broker company, the dynamic display of the office interior design will certainly provide added value. Futuready Indonesia entrusts High Street for the design of their office interior design. The High Street Studio adopted the urban concept, considering the market share that Futuready aims that is the urban society who always dynamic and up-to-date. The urban concept was combined with greenery elements, in order to create the impression of a more living space. The element of greening will certainly inspire workers to be more active and productive.

Starting from the lobby area that is spacious and looking very representative with the live plants that filled some areas of the wall. While for the main work area was open-plan designed, without any space partitions, making workers more connected to one another. The blue and yellow colours that form the identity of Futuready, were applied to the interior design of this office. They appear in some furnitures, wall decorations, to other decorative objects. The atmosphere is also more comfortable because of the selection of furniture that is more chic, which is combined with the wood elements that appear to fill part of the space.

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