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Located on the 8th floor, this building presents a stunning city view of Jakarta. So, when work-related things get too intense, all people need to do is look up from their laptops to get instant refreshment. Most of the walls are made from see-through glasses, allowing the natural sunlight to shine into the room. This bright lighting is great for optimal productivity.

The airy and comfortable atmosphere in Uptown Serviced Office will make people feel more relaxed while working, which is able to help stimulate creativity. In one of the areas, there is a functional pantry available for when people need a cup of tea or coffee for further refreshment.

From a relaxed, greenery space to cozy adjustable working rooms, Uptown Serviced Office is more than just a place to work. The atmosphere is as comfortable and convenient as one’s home, allowing people to focus more on their work and visions to create amazing things together.

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