IndoBuildTech Digital Fair
30 Sep - 11 Oct 2020
The #1 Digital Fair of Building Material & Interior in Indonesia

IndoBuildTech Digital Fair, presented by IndoBuildTech x Virtu-Ex, is an innovation in responding to the new demands of the market which have given rise to new technologies and online business. IndoBuildTech Digital Fair is our first online exhibition, packaged in a website platform that contains a 3-Dimensional booth and product display where users can navigate, walk down the gangway, and visit the exhibition booth that is displayed virtually on the website.
Prioritizing visitors' experience in attending physical exhibitions, IndoBuildTech Digital Fair also provides various interactive and innovative features on the platform for the visitors, which will resemble the real exhibition, such as Live Chat and Video Call with the exhibitors, exploring the products through e-Brochure, and attending valuable sharing session in our Networking Room. Moreover, visitors will still be able to access IndoBuildTech Expo 2020 visitor registration to gain access to full features in the IndoBuildTech Digital Fair.
IndoBuildTech Digital Fair aims to increase brand awareness for the products featured in the exhibition, as well as attracting greater attention from visitors to explore exhibitions more flexibly, without time and distance limitations. Furthermore, with these new experiences provided in IndoBuildTech Digital Fair, it will increase the excitement of visitors to visit the original showroom and offline exhibition!