PT. Ateja Grace Texindo

PT ATEJA GRACE TEXINDO is a pioneer in coating technologies for the technical textile Industry of Indonesia, established in 2014 launching their Composite Membrane under the registered trade mark AGTex.

The affiliation with the Ateja group as one of the internationally leading companies which has grown through four decades whilst creating textiles ranging from the conventional to the technical through a vertical integrated production line, creates another important milestone in our history with AGTex products.

The state-of-the-art European technology provided by both foreign and domestic professional experts, integrated with the comprehensive know-how that exists within the Ateja group, which is our priceless asset, renders AGTex to produce a coating technology for technical textiles of paramount quality that is able to vigorously adapt to the latest trends and innovations of today and tomorrow.

Located on the 33.500 M2 land in Bandung, West Java – Indonesia. AGtex houses efficient and modern state of the art machineries to produce only the best Technical Textile for Composite Membrane. Together with Ateja Group companie's production plant giving the total area of 558.500 M2, grown together in one of the largest textile group in Indonesia.

As a part of ATEJA group, AGtex committed to premium quality, cost-effective, and on time delivery to become a world class company with a solid corporate cultural based.

Architectural Roofings Tension Membrane
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Rubber Boat - Air Tightness Material
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Ateja PVC Flooring
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